I am a self-taught artist from the Midwest; I moved to the Pacific Northwest almost 10 years ago and I've been in love ever since.

Life, nature and humor have always influenced my art. I gravitate more towards the three dimensional. I like creating something that has mass and life to it--a piece you can look at and think up endless storylines for. 

I work with a range of mediums, including: acrylic paint, raw wool, yarn... old siding from a house. I like repurposing discarded materials and try to incorporate them as much as possible. I use Sculpey for all sculpted work, but don't use molds so each piece has its own personality.

Ever since I was little I liked making things. I just want to create and if people find joy in what I do, then gravy. 

I am available to do commisioned work.(contact info: terastenzel@yahoo.com) if you see something  that has already sold and would still like it I can try to duplicate it.

Follow on Instagram  @terastenzel 

Thank you for looking.

Go create, be curious and above all be kind!




Group show LUNA,Splendorporium, pdx, Or

Group Show PINK, Splendorporium,pdx,Or
Buckman School 30th art show and sale,pdx,Or

Night Circus Group Show, Splendorporium Gallery,pdx,Or

Bewitched Group Show,Splendorporium,Pdx,Or 


29th Annual Buckman Art Show and Sell,vendor, Pdx, Or

Pink Show,group show,Splendorporium,pdx,Or

Alters and Shrines Group Show, Splendorporioum,Pdx,Or

Group Show at Arleta Library Cafe,Pdx,Or

Little Art/Big Cause group art show fundraiser  @ Scandals,Pdx Or

Work for sale at Mud Room Gallery, Vancouver,WA

Sex Group Show Hips,Lips!Tits and Dicks..Power,Misdemeanor Meadows,Pdx Or

Cult of Personality group show at The Beer Store, Milwakie,Or 

Group show at JAM On Hawethorne,eatery Pdx Or

Works for sale at Atomic 66 Gallery Pdx Or 

Group show, Spelbound, Splendorporium,Pdx Or

Work for sale at Push/Pull Gallery, Seattle,WA 

Work for sale at Redux art boutique,Pdx,Or

Group show,From the Forest,From the Furrows,From the Fields, The Ford Gallery,Pdx,Or 

Group show, Curiuos Beasts, Redux, Pdx,Or 

Group show Radical Revolution Siren Nstion 13tg Annual Visual Art Show,Portland City Hall,Pdx,Or 


Saint Johns Holiday Pop-Up Shop, Alsherif and Company, Pdx Or

Trackers Earth holiday bazaar vendor, Pdx or  

Cat Castle Gallery,group show, Dec exhibit, Portland Or 

Da Vinci  14th annual arts fair, Portland,Or

Portland Village School Craft Fair,Portland,Or 

Work for sale at Electric Kitchen, 4936 NE Fremont St,Pdx,Or 

8th Annual Estacada Mushroom Festival,vendor,Estacada,Or 

Day Of The Dead/Tarot Show,Group Show, Splendorporium,Pdx,Or

Harvest Group Show, East Creative Collective (Eastside First Friday),Portland ,Or

Saint Johns Farmers Market and Art Constitutional ,vendor, Pdx,Or 

Super Salon Group Show, Gallery 101,Pdx,Or  https://www.gallery101pdx.com/...

7 Deadly Sins Group Show, Splendorporium, Pdx Or 

Artist&Craftsman 2 year anniversary art fair, Pdx Or

SE  Industrial Arts District First Friday July Street Exhibition,vendor, PdxOr 

Kitsch Group Show, Splendorporium, Portland Or

12th Annual Saint Johns Bizarre, Portland Or 

Once Upon A Time Group Show,Splendorporium, Portland,Or 

28th Annual Buckman Art Show and Sell,vendor,Portland, Or

Relics  Group Show,Splendorporium Pdx,Or

Pink Group Show, Splendorporium Pdx Or

Art of Love, Love of Art Group Show, Floyer Presaler Gallery, St. Helens Or

Heart Health Group Show, NCRD Nehalem,Or 


10th Annual Big 500 Group Show, Portland, Or (part of proceeds to Portland food bank) 

David Douglas High School Holiday Bazaar,Portland,Or

Peninsula Elem. School Holiday Bazaar, Portland, Or

Collective Wisdom:The Artist Sketchbook Project. Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River,Or

Vendor at Estacada Festival of the Fungus, Estacade,Or 

Guilty Pleasures Group Show,Spledorporium, Portland, Or

Tarot/Day of the Dead  Group Show,Splendorporium,Portland,Or

Feline Familiars Group Show,black cat adoption fundraiser,Redux,Portland,Or http://reduxpdx.com/Artists/fe...

The Red Tent Convergence Fest, group art show, St. Helens, Or @ https://www.facebook.com/seren...

Dolls&Clowns group Art Show, Splendorporium, Pdx, Or

Work for sale at The Blue Quail, McMinnville,Or 

Cartm trash art gallery, Manzanita,Or 

Abracadabra Show, Splendorporium, Pdx,Or 

The Littlist Gallery featured artist, Ugly Art Room,Corvallis Or http://www.uglyartroom.com/new...

Work for sale at Redux Boutique, Portland,Or 

Work for sale at Aminita Gallery,Manzanita,Or

17th Annual Trash Art Show, CARTm fundraiser, Nehalem,Or

Don't Shoot PDX! fundraiser art show, UNA Galley, Portland,Or

Reborn group Show, Splendorporium,Portland,Or

27th Annual Buckman Art Show&Sell(fundraising event for arts program)  participant, Portland,Or

Enchantment group Show,Splendorporium,Portland,Or

First Friday Featured Artist, Redux Boutique,Portland,Or   www.reduxpdx.com/artists/

Pink  group Show, Splendorporium,Pdx,Or

Solstice group Show, Splendorporium&Art4Life,Pdx,Or


Thrifty Handmade Bazaar, Sou'wester Lodge, Seaview,WA

Poa Café solo show, Portland,Or

Fun House & the 100 and  Under show, Splendorporium And The Art4Life Children's Gallery,Portland,Or 

Work for sale at Territory Vintage Store, Portland,Or

Bare Bones Cafe  solo show, Portland, Or

16th Annual Trash Art Show-Cartm Fundraiser,Nehalem,Or

Artwork for sale at Aminita Gallery, Manzanita, Or

Artwork for sale at Redux Boutique,Portland Or

Self Portrait exhibit, Ugly Art Room, Corvallis, Or 

Unlucky in Love group exhibit, Ugly Art Room, Corvallis, Or


Magic and Mystery group exhibit, Hoffman Art Center, Manzanita, Or 

Art work displayed and sold at Hillsdale Art Supply Company, Hillsdale,Or


Art work displayed and sold at Cannibals Gallery, Portland,Or


Rebel Rabbit Craft Fair participant, Portland, Or 


"Introducing Tera" exhibit -Jodi Brey Design Gallery, Algoma Wi

Fundraising for Peninsula Art School participant,Fish Creek, Wi

Emerging Artist Exhibit- 3W Design, Sister Bay, Wi


C.E.R.F(Craft Emergency Relief Fund)- organized/participated in fundraiser for artists impacted by Hurrican Katrina 

Day of the Dead group Exhibit- P.A.S. Fish Creek, Wi


Art Exhibit-  group show Mr. Helsinki Wine Bar and Creperie, Fish Creek, Wi


University Oshkosh- Best of Mixed Media Award


Rotary Award in the Fine Arts

Miller Art Museum group  Exhibit- Excellence Award